“In the midst of winter…

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“In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.”


visual inspiration.

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art is meant to stimulate the imagination. hopefully it cures writer’s block. enjoy some of my favorite works of surrealism.

day by day nothing seems to change..

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but pretty soon everything’s very different.- Bill Watterson

easily one of my favorite quotes & always makes me think about life; the past, the present, & the future. our experiences, our interests, the people we’ve met & loved, the people we’ve met, loved, & lost, the people who we aspire to be like, the people who we know we never want to be like, our parents or guardians who do their best to raise a good human being, our friends who’ve been in our lives for years who are such a huge part of who we are today, the friends who come and go for a reason… our perceptions, our visions, our talents, & our passions. the roads we took & mistakes we’ve made, the moments of sheer joy & the moments of utter sadness. so much composes a single person; we are like a song.

to think, day in & day out we persevere, we do what we do & at times it might seem repetitive & standing still in time… but change is inevitable.


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wondrous beauty
hanging delicately in the navy night sky
you change on us
but breathtaking you remain
illuminating the sea, sparkling each ripple with a gleaming silver streak
overtake me with your shine
empower me with your madness
drug me with your essenceMoon_by_S4cr4m3nt

LaChapelle Love

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I think the first photo I remember seeing of his was Britney’s Rolling Stone cover, scantily clad in polka dot pom-pom shorts and black satin bra, clutching a purple TeleTubby which sparked my interest with this brilliant photographer. David LaChapelle is a household name when it comes to “making a statement”, or just being outright WILD. One of his most recent works “Museum” showcases how far he has come as an artist, displaying the versatility and talent of this genius.

Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kMuHZNSbgM